Stop conversations from ‘fizzling out’


Here are a few very common jobs that you will find women do.

Waitress /bar work

Men often respond to these jobs by asking a series of dull and unimaginative questions, which consequently force the girl in to auto pilot mode, and as a result she does not emotionally or psychologically invest him, and eventually the interaction fizzles out quickly.

I firmly believe that ‘pattern breaking’ is one of the most powerful skills a man can possess in order to keep an interaction fresh and interesting, and it stops the woman giving ‘auto pilot’ responses.

Below is a list of what I call the ‘two option’ question that you can use to respond to one of the jobs that I listed above. The ‘two option’ question will force her out of auto pilot mode, and creates an instant boost to the interaction.


“ Are you one of those waitresses who is really rude and gets no tips? Or are you one of those lovely waitresses who gets all the tips and makes the other waitresses jealous?”

(what most guys ask: How long have you been doing that for?”)


“ Is teaching something that comes naturally to you, or do you find its not as easy as you thought, and that sometimes your patience feels tested?”

( What most guys ask: ” what do you teach?”


“ Are you totally alive and happiest when your are all made up and doing a photo shoot, or do you hate that part, and just do it for the bucks and end result?”

( what most guys ask: “Oh, what magazines have you been in/ are you a proper model?”)


“ Are you one of those dancers who uses it to explore self expression or are you a dancer who prefers to stick to dance routines and do the best you can within those routines?”

( what most guys ask: ” What type of dancing do you do?”


“ Are you one of those really hard working studious kind of students, you know the type who spends all their evenings revising and getting top marks, or are you one of those students who prefers the social life that being a student brings? Like going to the bars and using all that money that should have gone on books to have fun instead?”

( what most guys ask: ” What are you studying?”


“ Do you follow fashion religiously, and vogue is your bible, or are you more like Coco Chanel, someone who starts trends and is not influenced by current trends?”

( What most guys ask: ” Are you a fashion designer?”

These are tried and tested responses that I have given to lots of my students, and every time they use one of these responses the girl ALWAYS gives a positive reaction.
Women are sick of the inevitable and predictable list of questions that come after they say what they do for a living, and when a guy gives a unique response that they haven’t heard before, they instantly lock into the conversation.

Use detail when you give your 2 option questions, as this will make her think harder about her response, and she will give you more detail in return. You will come across as someone who is ACTUALLY interested in what she does and who she is, rather than just being like most guys who uses her response as just another stepping stone to ask her more irrelevant questions in the useless hope of stalling time.

The 2-option question, gives her a chance to explore how she feels about what she’s doing, and most importantly it forces her to focus on you and the interaction rather than losing the game to her short attention span.

The more you use the ‘2 option’ questions the more confident you will be in breaking patterns to whatever her response is.

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