Sexual openers..really?

This needs to be addressed NOW!

Since 2006, when I first entered the PUA/seduction community as a coach, I have heard a lot of PICK UP COCHES tell their students not to bother with MID-GAME. This means, they teach their students not to bother in learning how to build up much connection or rapport with a woman, and that men should instead focus more on going in straight away with sexual escalation.
They sometimes advise their students to be like a ‘caveman’, to be ‘overly sexual’, to ‘talk filthy’ to her immediately before even saying ‘hello’ This is what they mean by ‘sexually escalating right away’

NOW FIRST OF ALL, I have seen this work VERY well, BUT I have also seen it go completely wrong (even though some pick up instructors convince themselves it went ok)

This type of approach is ‘strong sexual directness’ and can ONLY work if the guy has an unwavering belief in him self, his sexuality and the ‘moment’!

This kind of super strong confidence takes time to develop and is something that can be incredibly powerful and can achieve amazing results- I teach it to my more advanced students who already have a strong belief in their sexuality and sexual confidence.


Now this is important. Even for those guys who possess this kind of super unwavering confidence and have the ability to pull this off-

There will be times that it will not be possible!
What do I mean by this?

There will be times that you will simply not be in the mood, or the circumstances are not right for you to sexually escalate so quickly, or the hot woman you like is not receptive to this kind of technique. In those cases, you will need to apply a different strategy or strategies.

The strategies in this case that you will need to use are MID GAME based techniques.
MID-GAME is building rapport with the woman, using conversational pattern breakers, and making psychological and emotional connections. From this you can lead it to sexual escalation.

3 of the trainers on my team like to use immediate sexual escalation on women they meet, but even they admit that at times they are simply not in the mood, or the circumstances are not right for them to use this style of pick up, subsequently, they focus more on the mid-game part of the interaction.

Here is a past blog post with one of my best PICK UP instructors ALI, showing in a video filmed at the ACCELERATION EVENT 2011 how he uses rapid verbal/sexual escalation


In my opinion as a woman as well as Pick Up Coach, a man should never just rely on immediate sexual escalation. Instead, he should work on perfecting his mid-game skills. These are a vital part of a mans over all success with women.

Be great at both!


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