Pick Up Lines

Pick up lines comes under 2 categories

1. Direct.

2. Indirect.

A direct pick up line, or as some call it, a ‘direct opener’ is essentially a style of approach which states your intention.
For example:

“Hey, I had to tell you that you are gorgeous..my name is..”

“You really are stunning”

“I love the way you carry your self, it seriously sexy”

In order to increase the chances of a ‘direct opener’ or ‘direct pick up line’ working to your benefit. You need to be completely unapologetic and bold whilst delivering your line, as its important to remain congruent with such a confident opening line.

An indirect pick up line is essentially based on the concept that you are only talking to the girl because you need her opinion on something, or you need her to answer a question you have, or because she just happens to be the closest person around you at the time.

For example:

“Hey, can I get a female opinion on something..?”

“The music here is usually way better than it is tonight, don’t you agree?”

“Did you see that woman in here with the huge tattoo of a snake on her chest?”

NOTE: Situational observations are also considered to be an indirect method of approaching a woman.

The emphasis on indirect pick up lines or openers, is the ability to transition from the opening line to a full blown conversation, and once you have initiated a conversation and have gained the woman’s interest in you as a person, then you can start escalating the platonic interaction into something more flirtatious.

Both of the methods can achieve the desired results, so my advice is to not focus on just one style of pick up, instead, you should explore both styles of pick up. The main reason for why I advise all my students to become ‘good’ at both, has a lot to do with ‘mood’/
If you are not in the mood to talk for hours on end, then a more ‘direct’ approach will be a far better choice. Equally, if you are lacking that ‘spark’ and ‘that insanely powerful mind set’ that can turn even the most direct pick up lines into a winning formula, then it would be better for you to choose the ‘slow burner’ option of the two, which of course would be the “indirect opener’

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