Observational openers

A great way to open a girl in a busy nightclub or a bar is to make an observation about her behaviour.
This is something a lot of men I know have used on me, and it works really well!

Next time you see a hot girl in a busy club, take a moment to check out her behaviour and the way she is interacting with other people around her. Based on that, build an assumption in your head of what she’s like as a person or what she does for a living, and then find an appropriate time to approach her with FIRST the observation and followed SECONDLY with the cold reading/assumption.

For example:

Lets say you spot a woman in a busy bar, determinedly pushing her way through to the front of the line near the bar area.

Go over to wear she is, and whilst you stand next to her, (as if you are getting a drink for yourself too). Casually turn to her, and say:

“ I liked the way you handled that crowd”
She will inevitably smile at the comment, and might even make a remark about the situation herself.

Next, make the assumption:
“ I reckon you are a CEO- only a person who’s in charge would do that”


“I can tell you used to work behind a bar at some point, or in a club- only someone who is used to this environment can push in so smoothly like you just did”

This is a great way to get a conversation started without using any clichéd pick up opening lines or Pick up artist routines, and it comes across really natural too.

Women respond well to detailed observations, especially when they are followed by detailed cold readings or assumptions.

Women like to talk about themselves, and unlike men, they are open to people trying to analyse them, read them or work them out.

Try this opener, and see how effective it is for your self.


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