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What better way to DISCOVER how to get a woman into your bed than from a woman!

The secrets to getting ANY woman you want in to bed can be found the ATTRACTION TO SEDUCTION DVD SET.
Here are a few powerful tips that will help you get started:

1. Make her feel desired

Make her feel desired but do this SPORADICALLY! Us women love to feel sexually desired, but if a man overwhelms a woman with this, then the novelty can wear off too quickly. Make sure that each time you look into her eyes and communicate your intention and what you want to do to her , that you immediately break rapport, by changing the non-verbal energy and the topic to something less intense and more platonic, as if nothing happened. I like to call this method ‘push-pull’. It’s a method I share with my students who have al gone on to tell me how much it has helped them! This method puts her in a mini state of limbo, and leaves her wanting more!

2. Convey the fact you have lots of women to choose from

Most women will tell you NOT to do this! But the truth is, women are usually attracted to men who have an abundance of women in their lives. It might initially annoy or concern us, but ultimately it makes us so attracted to them!

In order to achieve this, AVOID talking about your actual desire for other women, and instead, have a few pre-selected anecdotes about girls you know or have dated. But never make it seem you have an interest in them, because this will only provoke her anger.The aim is for her to agknoweldge that you have desirable women in your life and in your past, as this will produce just the right amount of jealousy in her, and as a result it will encourage her to want to impress you. A man who has conveys the fact that he has other women to choose from, demonstrates something I like to call ‘PRE-SELECTION’ and possessing this asset can literally seal the deal!


3. Be totally unapologetic about what you want in bed!

Again, my ATTRACTION TO SEDUCTION DVD SET explains how you can get a girl to do anything you want in bed, but the principal behind this that you need to remember in order to make it work, is to have and to communicate a totally unapologetic attitude to what you find a ‘turn on’.
Us women are so attracted to men who know exactly what they want in bed! However, if you show any uncertainty or embarrassment when conveying to a girl what you want in bed, then this will result in TURNING HER OFF. So remember to be bold when telling her what you want, and that boldness and unapologetic attitude, will convey your sexual confidence ,and it is PRECISELY hat sexual confidence that us women are searching for!


4. Create an ideal setting.

Now this might sound like common sense, but you would be surprised by how many times guys GET THIS so wrong! Always make sure that the place where you are taking the girl back to, is ready for SEX!

LIGHTING: Make sure you have flattering light. Most guys do not bother to invest in just a simple ‘light dimmer’ and regard candles and lamps as an unnecessary waste of time. However, women tend to be usually self conscious about their bodies and prefer flattering soft lighting more than the choice of either pitch black darkness or a bright and unflattering light!

SUPPLIES : make sure your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards are filled with quick and easy to prepare food and drinks! You dont want her to find excuses such as:”Im hungry can we order some food?” or “Do you have anything to drink besides beer?” Always keep the momentum going, and never allow easily avoidable things become an issue.

CLEAN AND FRESH: Make sure your room/apartment is clean and tidy. Women love their creature comforts, so AGAIN do not let something as trivial as unchanged sheets or an empty pizza box become an excuse for her to not sleep with you!

5. Use future projections!

Women do not want to feel they are being used.They need some sort of reassurance that you will want to see them again. Rather than using logical persuasion on her, or coming across as desperate by promising her that you want to see her again! Simply throw in a few calculated ‘future projections’ such as:

“I Know this great Italian restaurant which serves the best desserts, I have to take you there”


“I’m looking forward to seeing you when its winter/summer I want to see how you dress”

These are ‘throw away’ and ‘playful’ future projections that plant the seed in her mind that you will both see each other again, without you coming across as desperate and without actually making any promises you can’t keep.

There are literally hundreds of more tips, skills, methods and insights I can share with you, in far more greater detail in my ATTRACTION TO SEDUCTION DVD SET which has helped thousands of men attract the women they desire. Contained within these DVDs are the most powerful skills and secrets you can possess. I give you the most HONEST and DIRECT insight into the female mind.
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Here are just a few of the amazing video testimonials we have received from our past students:


A few months ago, when I was working with one of the students who was on our bootcamps, he jokingly made a comment that what every man needed was Kezia in their pocket. I laughed it off, and thought nothing more about it. That was until a company approached me with the more serious suggestion of creating an app, that would literally give men an instant treasure trove of ‘openers’ that could be used anytime and anywhere.

I knew this would take a lot of time and work, as I wanted to make sure that there would be a multitude of effective openers that could suit a wide range of locations and situations, but thinking back to what that student had jokingly suggested months before hand, I realised that this was the perfect opportunity for guys to have instant access to my advice when faced with an opportunity of approaching a girl.

I have selected some of the best pick up openers that I have shared with my past students,ranging from direct, indirect, playful, serious, shocking, cute, natural and routine based.

Whether you see a beautiful blonde walking her dog on a sunny day in the park or if you spot a stunning brunette in a noisy bar with all her friends, there will be a wide choice of pick up openers that you can approach her with.

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A lot of guys, when chatting up girls , get stuck in mundane conversations with women, which can lead nowhere. men can often find themselves asking a series of questions that can unfortunately come across as some sort of interrogation process, which leave the woman feeling bored and ‘hassled’.

An effective way to break this unwanted cycle would be to replace the questions with ‘assumptions’. THE POWER OF ASSUMPTIONS can have amazing results. BUT they need to be done correctly!

A lot of men make vague cold reading or vague assumptions that ultimately lead NOWHERE. The trick is to add details, as this video explains:

This needs to be addressed NOW!

Since 2006, when I first entered the PUA/seduction community as a coach, I have heard a lot of PICK UP COCHES tell their students not to bother with MID-GAME. This means, they teach their students not to bother in learning how to build up much connection or rapport with a woman, and that men should instead focus more on going in straight away with sexual escalation.
They sometimes advise their students to be like a ‘caveman’, to be ‘overly sexual’, to ‘talk filthy’ to her immediately before even saying ‘hello’ This is what they mean by ‘sexually escalating right away’

NOW FIRST OF ALL, I have seen this work VERY well, BUT I have also seen it go completely wrong (even though some pick up instructors convince themselves it went ok)

This type of approach is ‘strong sexual directness’ and can ONLY work if the guy has an unwavering belief in him self, his sexuality and the ‘moment’!

This kind of super strong confidence takes time to develop and is something that can be incredibly powerful and can achieve amazing results- I teach it to my more advanced students who already have a strong belief in their sexuality and sexual confidence.


Now this is important. Even for those guys who possess this kind of super unwavering confidence and have the ability to pull this off-

There will be times that it will not be possible!
What do I mean by this?

There will be times that you will simply not be in the mood, or the circumstances are not right for you to sexually escalate so quickly, or the hot woman you like is not receptive to this kind of technique. In those cases, you will need to apply a different strategy or strategies.

The strategies in this case that you will need to use are MID GAME based techniques.
MID-GAME is building rapport with the woman, using conversational pattern breakers, and making psychological and emotional connections. From this you can lead it to sexual escalation.

3 of the trainers on my team like to use immediate sexual escalation on women they meet, but even they admit that at times they are simply not in the mood, or the circumstances are not right for them to use this style of pick up, subsequently, they focus more on the mid-game part of the interaction.

Here is a past blog post with one of my best PICK UP instructors ALI, showing in a video filmed at the ACCELERATION EVENT 2011 how he uses rapid verbal/sexual escalation


In my opinion as a woman as well as Pick Up Coach, a man should never just rely on immediate sexual escalation. Instead, he should work on perfecting his mid-game skills. These are a vital part of a mans over all success with women.

Be great at both!

As some of you know, I write a weekly advice column in a leading men’s magazine based in the UK, where I get hundreds of emails sent into me with dating/sex/relationship questions. The editor of the magazine decides which questions get answered by me in print, but recently one of these questions struck a chord with me!

The question was:

“My friend says that if you joking insult a woman- then it will always work!”
Now, if his friend had been a little more articulate and detailed with his tip, then this could have had the potential to actually be really effective!

Watch this video to find out why and how..