Attracting women in the work place

Mark J and myself will be releasing an e-book very soon on how to pick up women in the office.
So many guys spend so much of their lives working in the office, and they miss countless opportunities in attracting women they like who they see up to a whole 9 hours a day!
Simple, men believe that it is some what of a taboo to go for a woman whom they wok with, for many reasons, such as:

– If she rejects him, then he will have to face the inevitable uncomfortable silences and awkward situations that will happen as a result.

– People simply do not get involved with people they have to maintain a professional relationship with

– The lack of knowledge/skills and techniques that you need in order to actually make a move on a woman you are working with

This are the most common reasons that men use to avoid actually going for the woman they desire who they happen to be working with.
There is really no useful advice out there in helping men in this situation.
In this video Mark J touches on the this subject.

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